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So, is there any different things we need to do in the summer, compared with the winter, with someone who suffers from dementia?

Yeah. The dementia is one of those challenges that if you go into a care home, whether it's summer, whether it's winter, there seems to always be the heating on, but that's done for a specific reason. That's because people do lose their heat. They get all sat in one place, they're not as active as they are, and because of their body temperature, it needs to be kept up to keep them healthy. But what we have to go to look at is the different challenges throughout the year, and winter, obviously, is very, very dangerous. We have issues with heating, boilers not working, not being efficient. We have issues where maybe this window's open. If there's someone diagnosed with dementia, but don't have family members, maybe you'll find that they'll wander into the street without appropriate clothing on. Are we wrapping them up enough? When we're going out do we actually take a portable first aid kit? Really, really important for someone with dementia.

We also need to recognize that in the spring there are different challenges there. It seems like our winter is semi-moving into the spring and this year has been particularly bad. But you could have a lot of rain. Have they got waterproof clothing on? Have they got the right shoes on? Is it icy? Are they travelling in a car? Are they travelling in a car and they need extra room within that car and extra equipment in that car? In the summer, we've got the heat. Are we hydrating them enough? Are we giving them enough fluids? Are we giving them the right type of food? Are we keeping them as cool as possible in the correct clothing? And also, in the autumn, we have very slippy conditions in the autumn. And once again, it changes from year to year to year and it's different circumstances. Have we got salt in the driveway if it is icy? So, with everything throughout the year, we have to really, really think about how we treat these people. Always remember, with dignity and respect at all times.