Our interview with P.k. Beville about the Virtual Dementia Tour

This week we interviewed P.k. Beville about the Virtual Dementia Tour and many different Dementia subjects. You will find more soon on our VDT site www.provdt.co.uk and www.prodementia.co.uk and on The First Aid Show. This video introduces the VDT and what it is about. Thank you for your time and excellent interviews.

To watch the video visit the ProTrainings Europe blog at http://blog.protrainings.eu/our-interviewed-p-k-beville-about-the-virtual-dementia-tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour gives an insight in to what Dementia may be like. It was designed by PK Beville over many years to try to give an idea on what is going through the mind of the Dementia patient to then enable carers to change the way they treat people and therefore improve the care they offer. By understanding their needs and treating people better, drug use can sometimes be reduced and it makes care much easier and less stressful.

The virtual dementia tour is a practical session and debrief, it cannot be completed online but ProTrainings offer a supporting website for the VDT where you can learn more about Dementia and Dementia care. ProTrainings also offer video online Dementia courses as well as many other care based courses.

For more information, please contact ProTrainings on 01206 805359 or email support@protrainings.eu.

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